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At Light Metals Corporation, we pride ourselves on delivering the most robust set of end-to-end solutions for your fabricated aluminum extrusion needs. Making you happy is what we do best, whether it’s designing your part, extruding complex parts to tolerance, fabricating your extrusions or applying the finishing layer. Whatever you need for your part, Light Metals is your partner to get it done.

engineering office and anodize line

Light Metals' Engineering Office and Anodize Line

Light Metals' Full Service Solutions


  • Part consulting and design review.
  • Full-services part design and specifications.
  • Rapid prototyping and proof of concept services.


  • Best-in-class at unique shapes.
  • Your choice of aluminum alloy.
  • On-premise sawing and heat treat for quality assurance.


  • Complete fabrication facilities on-site.
  • Part shaping: sawing, welding, forming, custom milling, piercing, notching and more!
  • Add bolts, hinges, plastic or rubber to complete your part.


  • Anodized finishes in bright, clear, satin and colors.
  • Custom finishes: brushed, buffed, plain, polished or etched.
  • All of our finishing done in-house, so there’s no unnecessary added costs.

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